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How to Sue the Philly Police Dept.

A Temple University photojournalism student and girlfriend are suing two Philadelphia police officers. He claims the two cops falsely arrested them in 2012 when he was a photographing a neighbor's arrest, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

When a person is wrongfully arrested or injured by a law enforcement officer -- including false arrest, police brutality, or another form of police misconduct -- he or she may have legal remedies available.

But how do you sue the Philadelphia Police Department?

Following Trucks Too Closely Is Dangerous, Illegal

While tailgating a slow moving tractor trailer may make you feel like you're getting to your destination faster, there are several dangerous and legal ramifications for following trucks too closely.

Besides getting a traffic ticket, following too closely could leave you with a smashed vehicle or serious injuries.

So how can you avoid a truck accident from tailgating? 

5 Ways to Avoid Truck Accidents

Every driver gets a little nervous around commercial trucks. Fortunately, you can avoid most truck accidents by practicing safe driving habits.

The key to avoiding an accident is defensive driving. Truck accidents often result when drivers fail to adjust their driving to accommodate commercial trucks' limited performance capabilities regarding acceleration, braking, and visibility.

Here are five ways to drive defensively and avoid truck accidents:

3 Polar Vortex Winter Risks to Avoid

Although it's always chilly in Philly in the winter, the Polar Vortex brings with it even more winter risks.

The Polar Vortex -- a large mass of frigid air usually found over the north pole in the winter has brought single digit temperatures and wind chills of -10 to -15 degrees to Philadelphia, reports Philadelphia's KYW-TV.

Weather this cold is dangerous and can bring serious risks. Here are three Polar Vortex risks to avoid.

What Factors Affect Injury Settlements?

What factors affect injury settlements? A former University of Pennsylvania student who was paralyzed from an accident at an off-campus residence has reached an $11.6 million settlement for her injury claims, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Lorna Bernhoft's injury occurred while she was at a student gathering at the residence. She fell through a raised skylight from the fourth floor, which happened to only be covered by flex board and carpet.

For Bernhoft's case and others, what are some factors that affect injury settlement?

I-676 Fuel Spill Causes Pileup, Injures 3

A fuel spill near the I-76/I-676 interchange caused a 10-car pileup that resulted in three people taken to the hospital, Philadelphia's WCAU reports. Pennsylvania State Police claim that a bumper had fallen off a tractor trailer and ruptured the vehicle's fuel tank. In turn, the afternoon rain combined with the spilled fuel created slippery roads that led to the pileup.

There is currently no update as to the condition of the three hospitalized victims from the pileup. I-676 has reopened after being shut down for around two hours.

What kind of legal worries could the truck driver be dealing with? Here are three general considerations when it comes to commercial truck crashes:

Who's Liable for a Multi-Car Crash?

A recent crash on the Atlantic City Expressway involved four cars, and resulted in several serious injuries, reports NBC Philadelphia. Who's liable in a multi-car crash such as this one?

The four cars involved in this particular incident were a Toyota, a dump truck, a Ford, and a Honda. According to the police, the Toyota first rear-ended the dump truck, then overturned. The Ford and Honda then both hit the Toyota, reports NBC Philadelphia. So far, no one has been charged in the accident.

How does determining liability in a multi-car crash in Pennsylvania work? Here's a general breakdown:

How to Prevent a Food Poisoning Lawsuit

Food poisoning, or food borne illness, affects roughly 48 million people a year, about one in six Americans. It can be a potential liability for a restaurant or a food packaging company -- and a painful purchase for its customers and buyers. By inadequately handling, packaging, or even inspecting their food, businesses often find themselves paying up for making people sick. In extreme examples, a company can even face a wrongful death suit.

If your business regularly handles raw eggs, meat, poultry, or leafy greens, you should tread -- and stir -- carefully.

Food Poisoning: Whom to Sue, and How?

Food poisoning generally occurs when someone consumes food that is contaminated with pathogens. Illnesses can occur as the result of viruses, parasites, toxins or chemicals.

There are many types of food poisoning, and some can lead to serious health consequences like kidney failure. Before all else, a food poisoning victim should seek immediate medical attention.

After getting medical help, a victim of food poisoning can think about filing a products liability lawsuit against the producer of the food that caused the illness.

Legal Tips for Your Summer Fitness Plan

With summer approaching us with its warm embrace, it's tough to resist the urge to get fit. Suddenly, you'll find yourself juicing for breakfast, craving salads for lunch, and hitting the gym for dinner.

Here are some legal tips to help you pursue fitness safely this summer: