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Off-Duty Officer From Panas Shooting Still Working

A grieving family is waiting for an arrest to be made, in the fatal shooting of their son. The deadly shooting happened Saturday night, and the off-duty officer who fired the gun has yet to be named. 

Both sides of this tragedy are telling completely different stories. The officer claims that he was "trying to break up a fight, was jumped in the process and that made his gun go off" as reported by NBC Philadelphia. The witnesses say that the officer shot Billy Panas, never identified himself, and was never jumped by anyone. They also claim that the off-duty officer was clearly drunk.

Below is one of Panas' friends account of the shooting.

Mom and Son Assault Team

Rhashad Carlton has been charged with nearly beating a man to death for allegedly disrespecting his mother, Bonita.

The victim was beated outside of Sean Og's Irish Pub by five people including Carlton and his 45-year-old mother. A surveillance camera was able to record the fight. After the victim was unconscious, the mob left except for Carlton who continued the assault. 

Pennsylvania Girl Gets Personal Injuries In Dog Attack

A Pennsylvania man could face up to seven years in prison after his dog Max attacked a 5-year-old girl. Miabella Delaney-Lipshutz, has just recently been released from the hospital where she stayed for 6 weeks. The dog attack damaged her vocal cords and punctured her larynx (as reported by ABC 6 Action News).

Surprisingly, she was not the first first to receive personal injuries from Max. Three other people, most of them children, had already seen that his bite was bigger than his bark. So how did this happen?