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Fatal Car Accident: How To Prove Fault

In a recent car crash, a woman was killed after her car was sideswiped. ABC 6 News reports that the accident occurred in West Brandywine Township early in the morning. While not much else is known about the fatal crash, some of the comments on the story indicate that the women was waiting to turn when her car was bumped from behind. Since her wheels were already turned, the bump pushed her car into oncoming traffic.

If this is true, would the person who bumped her car need a PA personal injury attorney?

Since the car accident could be the other driver's fault, he may even have to face criminal charges.

For a personal injury case, when a car is forced into the fatal crash, the person who bumped that car can be found at fault.

When a car accident occurs because of negligence, a could sue on behalf of the victim. An example of driver negligence could include if the driver was on a cell phone and wasn't paying as much attention as he should have been. FindLaw describes negligence as behavior that contributes to an accident.

If a car accident occurred due to weather conditions such as black ice, a large portion of the blame is removed because the situation was out of his hands. However, if he was speeding before he hit the ice or suffering from road-rage, then a portion of the blame would go back to him.