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Multiple Attacks Not Always By Multiple Criminals

In one week, Philadelphia has been bombarded with stabbings and gunshot wounds that have sent six men to the hospital (Philadelphia Daily News). While there does not seem to be an immediate connection between all of the crimes, that does not rule out the possibility. 


If there was a connection between some if not all of the attacks, then the victims would be able to hire a PA personal injury attorney and file the suit together. Having the same criminal in a string of similar robberies means that he could be charged for all of them at once. This would make the process a lot faster and save on court costs for the plaintiffs.


Let's see if there are any similarities. 


The first was a double stabbing that occurred at the same location. These two men were attacked by the same person because the crimes occurred at the same place and time.


On the same night, at about the same time, a man was shot in the head, but miraculously, he was in stable condition. This attack does not seem to be connected to the double stabbing because it would be impossible for the criminal to be in two places at once (the stabbing was in Southwest Philadelphia and the shooting was in North Philadelphia). Also, the criminal used different weapons.


The following day, a man was stabbed in the buttocks in North Philadelphia. This attack is most likely not connected to the other stabbing because being stabbed in the buttocks is not life threatening whereas the other men were struck in the stomach and chest.


About 30 minutes later a man in West Philadelphia was shot in the hip. While the time seems plausible, the fact that a different weapon was used makes the cases seem unrelated. 


Finally, later on a man was shot in the toe after a criminal tried to rob him. The gun went off when the victim reached for the gun. This crime seems unrelated because this was the only one that mentioned an attempted mugging. 


When a slew of crimes occurs and you are one of the victims, see if there is a pattern that could save you time and expenses.