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Nurse Needs Meds More Than Patients

West of Philadelphia in Johnstown, residents of a personal care home were robbed of their painkillers and other drugs by a nurse. Ryan Majeskie, 22, is already facing criminal charges of theft and reckless endangerment reports the AP.

So how did Majeskie get away with it?

In place of the medication, he gave them Tylenol and diluted cough syrup. Police believe that his substitute medication was also stolen.

Without their proper medication, the victims may have experienced mental and physical pain in addition to the theft of their property.

Also, it wasn't a misdiagnosis that caused them to receive the wrong medication, or even a mix up: Majeskie admitted to stealing the medication because he was "stressed." 

This could even be filed under nursing home abuse since the patients were subjected to unnecessary pain when their painkillers were kept from them. The substitutes of Tylenol and cough syrup do not provide an adequate amount of relief when compared to a prescription painkiller.