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Officer And Friend Shot In Robbery

One of Philadelphia's finest was shot, as was his friend, during what is believed to be a robbery attempt. The Inquirer reported that Officer Martin P. Campbell and Rasheen Allen were in the Hunting Park area when they were both shot

While Campbell was most recently in stable condition, Allen unfortunately died from his injuries.

This senseless shooting has sparked outrage in the city, and police are urging anyone with more information to come forward.   

The same night as the shooting, police approached two men who fit the descriptions of the robbers. When one of those men pulled out a gun, an officer shot him in the groin. The other potential suspect was arrested without incident. 

If these two men turn out to be the criminals who shot Campbell and Allen, they will face many criminal charges and possibly a civil trial.

As mentioned before, a criminal trial can be followed by a personal injury trial. Assault and battery can carry over from criminal law to personal injury law because the victim can sue for the physical damages that she suffers.

If you are debating whether or not to take a criminal to a civil court, you can discuss your options with a .

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