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PA Personal Injury: Battery Vs. Assault in Pizza Hold Ups

West of Philadelphia, in Upper Darby, the couple that has allegedly been mugging pizza delivery men has been captured.

In just the Verona Pizza in Upper Darby alone, at least three drivers have been held up in the past few weeks reports CBS 3. It is believed that while one of the suspects, 22-year-old Paul Anderson, would confront the victim, 20-year-old Emily Vagnoni would wait in the getaway car. The third accomplice is still at large, but police are confident about bringing him in soon.

KYW News Radio reports that the police received the tip when a suspicious call was made to the pizza shop. That is when an undercover officer went in place of the delivery man. When he was approached by the gunmade, the officer showed his weapon and ordered Anderson to put down his gun. The robber allegedly refused and was shot by the officer.

Anderson is listed as in serious but stable condition.

Both are being charged with robbery and assault (The Daily Times).

While "assault" and "battery" are often put together, Findlaw explains that a person is not always charged with both.

For assault, the suspect has to intentionally attempt to injure a person or threaten to do so (FindLaw). So in these cases, the victim does not have to be physically harmed. As long as the suspect was making it clear that they could be harmed if they did not follow his instructions.