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Alleged Philadelphia Racism Leads To Bankruptcy

You all remember the media frenzy that took place this summer when Creative Steps Day Camp, along with two other camps, was asked to leave the Valley Swim Club. The most famous quotation from this story was that the president of the club said, "There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion ... and atmosphere of the club" (quoted by NBC Philadelphia).

Well now, after the racist allegations and the federal law suit, the club is filing for bankruptcy.

Philadelphia personal injury attorney Michael Kuldiner was representing Creative Steps Day Camp as well as most of the children involved.

The lawyer representing the Valley Swim Club planned to appeal the decision that the club was discriminating, but now that they are filing for bankruptcy, can they afford it?

The children feel that they have suffered a personal injury; from the supposed racist remarks that they heard from a club member, to the other children leaving the pool when they entered it. 

The club stated that they asked the children to leave due to a safety issue; however, the kids' personal injury attorney noted that there were other instances in which there was a large group and the members did not rebel then. 

If the swim club was to sue saying that it suffered a personal injury for slander and loss of profits, it would have to prove that the allegation wasn't true. And since a state panel has ruled the exact opposite, they would have to appeal that ruling, win, and then sue. For a club that is already in the hole, that seems like a mountain that can't be climbed.


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