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Son Tries To Steal Mom's Money In Her Clothes

In New Jersey, Tita Nyambi, 25, dressed in his mother's clothing and attempted to withdraw money from her account by using her driver's license. The AP reports that because of this strange case of identity theft, he will face criminal charges of "forgery and attempted theft by deception."

He attempted to withdraw nearly $700 from his mother's account by means of his disguise, a forged bank form, and a high-pitched voice. The bank teller alerted the police when it was obvious that a man was posing as the woman who owned the account.

It doesn't matter if you are related to the person you are suing in a civil case. You are allowed to hire a personal injury attorney and go after anyone who caused you mental or physical anguish. For a son to steal from his mother, is depressing and emotionally stressful.

To prove that a plaintiff is suffering from emotional distress, the attorney must show that the distress is not fleeting, that it was caused by the defendant's actions, and that the distress is medically significant (FindLaw).

Any mother would be heartbroken to learn that her own son would stoop so low to steal from her. Just because it's family, doesn't mean that you can't take legal action against them.