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Contaminated Baby Vaccines! FDA Warning

There's been much hype over the years about vaccinating babies. Although childhood vaccination isn't a common topic of interest to Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys, product recalls are always high on the interest list of injury attorneys.  

Now, the FDA is getting involved and pulling the plug on one common vaccine, Rotarix.  Rotarix is a vaccine commonly used to protect children against rotavirus. Rotavirus is an ailment that causes stomach illness in children. Today, the FDA issued a statement ordering a suspension in the use of GlaxoSmithKline's product Rotarix, alleging that the vaccine is contaminated.

Although there is no evidence according to the FDA that the vaccine currently poses a safety risk, the vaccine is being suspended from use as a preventive safety measure. Essentially, the problem with the vaccine is that a pig virus has been found to contaminate the vaccine. 

The FDA learned about the contamination during an academic research project. 

The rotavirus vaccines are given to children in their mouths, to prevent the disease which causes severe diarrhea and dehydration in children. Over half a million children mostly in third world countries die every year from rotavirus.  

At this stage, the issue is merely informative for Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys, as there have been no injuries or illnesses stemming from the contaminated vaccine. But the warning represents the larger issue of drug company liability for personal injury. Although this medication caused no injury, there have been several medications over the years that do cause injury and sometimes even death.   

If you feel you've been injured by a vaccine or a prescription medication, research Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys. Many of them take these types of cases on contingency, which means that they might not even charge you legal fees until they win your case. 

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