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Bank of America Forecloses Wrong Home, Kidnaps Parrot

If you're a Pennsylvania injury attorney, you will certainly get a kick out of this story. A woman in Pittsburgh is filing a lawsuit against Bank of America after the bank seized her house in a wrongful foreclosure.

The woman, Angela Iannelli, 46, insists that her mortgage was up to date when the alleged wrongful foreclosure took place. Ms. Iannelli came home to find the locks on her house changed, her utilities turned off, and her furniture damaged.

But worst of all, her pet parrot was missing; taken hostage by the foreclosure contractors hired by Bank of America.

Ms. Iannelli's Pennsylvania injury attorney claims that she suffered severe emotional distress, embarrassment, and ridicule as a result of the bank's actions. In the personal injury lawsuit, Ms. Iannelli alleges that the contractor, Snyder Property Services, trespassed on her property. In addition, her suit alleges unfair business practices, defamation, libel and various other offenses that took place during the course of the October wrongful foreclosure and its aftermath.

After her wrongful foreclosure, Ms. Iannelli contacted the bank; who initially denied knowing anything about the events. The bank eventually informed Ms. Iannelli that they knew the whereabouts of her parrot. Ms. Iannelli kept calling the bank and was told by the representatives that they were "tired of hearing from her" and hung up on her. 

After a week, the bank apologized.  Nevertheless, Ms. Iannelli had to travel three hours to pick up her parrot. 

State law requires that a bank issue a 60-day deficiency notice. Ms. Iannelli's PA injury lawyer claims that his client never received any such letter, as she had really only been in delinquent on one payment. 

Ms. Ianelli's PA injury lawyer filed a suit on Monday in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court.  The suit seeks an unspecified amount in compensatory and punitive damages. 

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