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Killer Nurse Victims Awarded Damages in Wrongful Death Suit

Families of the victims of serial killer Charles Cullen may be getting their vindication. The families were awarded a combined $95 million in damages last week in a Pennsylvania court. A Lehigh County jury found that the killer nurse was liable in the deaths of eight patients at St. Luke's Hospital, according to Lehigh Valley Live.  

Emotions in the courtroom were running high after the plaintiffs' PA personal injury attorneys left jurors with these closing words: [W]e want the highest price justice will allow."

The plaintiffs were elated and their PA personal injury attorneys hugged when the verdict was announced, after a three hour jury deliberation.

Cullen had allegedly killed 29 patients in nursing homes where he had worked over several years. He also admitted in court to attempted to kill six others. He was a former nurse in several of these facilities.  

The largest portion of this award, $18 million, went to the family of Debra Shachter. In a wrongful death suit, the amount claimed quite often represents how many immediate family members the deceased left behind. Shachter left behind a husband and three daughters.

However, according to Lehigh Live, while the jury awarded such a vast amount of damages, the families of victims will probably never see a dime of it. That is because Mr. Cullen has no tangible assets. And while the award may never become a reality, it could be helpful for the plaintiffs. They are planning a case against St. Luke's Hospital next.

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