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Alfalfa Sprouts Contaminated, Recalled

Salad-lovers, beware of bacterial contamination! This time, it's not in lettuce. It's in alfalfa sprouts.

Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys are warning salad-lovers, food enthusiasts and sandwich connoisseurs to avoid the contaminated alfalfa sprout.

The alfalfa recall comes at the heels of a lettuce recall affecting lettuce sold to salad bars. The new recall not only affects restaurants and salad bars but also packaged alfalfa sprouts sold at Walmart and Trader Joes. The alfalfa sprouts are packaged and sold by Caldwell Fresh Foods Inc., a California based company. The recall was announced on Friday and was based on the concerns over bacterial contamination and possible Salmonella.

Crib Ban May Soon Be Law

New laws may soon be coming into effect, regulating the sale and manufacturing of drop-side cribs.

As previously discussed on this blog, drop-side cribs have come under some heat after allegedly causing the suffocation of several infants.

Finally, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said on Friday it proposes to enact mandatory safety regulations, essentially banning the sale and manufacture of drop-side baby cribs.

Bus Crash Probed as Driver Claims Brake Problems

A Philadelphia bus driver's claims are being investigated by police after his bus flipped over. The driver is claiming that the bus accident was the result of a flawed brakes system in the bus.

Twenty two people were in the bus as the bus driver lost control of the bus, hitting a light pole and overturning. Twenty one people were reported injured. Fourteen of the injured were taken to hospitals for further treatment, with one passenger being listed in critical condition.  

Montreal Reporter Pat Hickey's Tires Slashed at Flyers Game

Hockey fever is causing some problems in Philadelphia. And while many Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys are too busy celebrating Philadelphia's brutal win over the Montreal Canadiens last weekend, the behavior at Game One is only mildly indicative of what could happen as the games proceed.

Tylenol Mess Gets Worse as Feds Probe

The Tylenol mess is worse than it seemed.

Pa personal injury lawyers-- time to dust off your shoes and prepare for some litigation.

Okay, maybe not yet. There's still more information emerging. But perhaps parents need to listen up a little more closely.

The Dangers of Raw Milk: Allegheny Man Paralyzed

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Raw milk could be dangerous.

At least that's what some Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys are saying in a lawsuit against Pasture Maid Dairy.

But before we get into the legalese here, perhaps we need to define what we mean by "raw milk." After all, isn't all milk "raw"?

Parents of Toddlers: Recall on Toy Buggies

Once again, parents of toddlers need to crawl back under the covers in fear.

Okay, perhaps I'm being melodramatic.

But there has been yet another recall affecting our little angels.

Starbucks Sued for Too-Hot Tea by Zeynep Inanli

Who is Zeynep Inanli? While many Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers might not have heard her name yet, she could get a name for herself nationwide, if she wins her case.

You see, she is suing Starbucks. She alleges that their coffee was too hot.

Here's the scoop from FindLaw's Injured Blog.

Three Crib Recalls in One Week!

Yet again, us parents have something to worry about.

Pa personal injury lawyers are warning parents about yet another crib recall. This time, it's the same issue as the previous recall, but a different brand.

Great. So now, we can't use baby slings, infants' medication and most cribs with drop down sides.

Nissan Recalls for Airbag Flaw

With Toyota out of the headlines, Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys were getting bored.

But then came Nissan.

Nissan is allegedly having wiring problems involving deployment of its airbags.

Attention Parents! Crib Recall on Graco, Simplicity Models

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Attention parents! There has been another major recall that you should be aware of.

Earlier this month, Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers were warning parents about the recall of the Infantino baby sling, which was the alleged cause of a baby's death in Pennsylvania.

Pa personal injury lawyers are warning all Pennsylvania parents about a massive nationwide recall affecting some very important baby products.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling two makes of cribs . The recall was announced by the CPSC last Thursday.