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ER Doctors Do Excessive Testing to Avoid Malpractice Lawsuits

Just about every ER doctor in Pennsylvania probably fears the idea of a medical malpractice lawsuit. And because of his this fear, Associated Press reports that there's the trend in emergency rooms to overtest patients when they have harmless chest pains, head bumps or non-threatening stomachaches.

The problem with this trend is that testing for an unlikely illness or providing treatment for an illness that is not necessarily needed can end up being very costly for the patient. When visiting the ER, the doctor will perform tests that aren't necessary and even surgeries that may not be necessary just so the physician can avoid a potential lawsuit.

Obviously, the Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys don't want to back off ER doctors when the case of a potential malpractice suit does arrive, and they shouldn't. It's important for patients to have the right to sue when a medical procedure goes wrong due to negligence. ER doctors should also be confident when making a diagnosis, even if it means running a few extra tests.

FindLaw states that negligence by a medical professional can include an error in diagnosis, treatment, or illness management. If such negligence takes place, then a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney can often make a legal case for medical malpractice. Anybody who believes that they've been a victim of medical malpractice should meet with an experienced lawyer to discuss the facts of a particular medical case. A Pennsylvania personal injury attorney can take action on behalf of a patient by researching the law, interviewing witnesses, collecting records, conferring with expert consultants, planning legal strategy, and negotiating with insurers and opposing counsel.

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