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PA Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Decrease

At a time when personal injury attorneys seem to thrive off malpractice claims, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports that PA medical malpractice suits have taken an interesting turn within the past decade. Many people in the Keystone state might be surprised to hear that Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys have seen a drop in medical malpractice lawsuits statewide with 2,632 reported medical malpractice lawsuits in the year 2000 and only 1,533 in 2009.

Parents File Wrongful Death Suit Against Daycare Owner

Gil and Lyudmila Slutsky were horrified once they learned their two-year-old son had died while in the care of Penndel daycare owner Rimma Shvartsman. According to, Rimma Shvartsman had been accused of leaving the child Daniel Slutsky in a van for a full day after she forgot that the boy was in the car when she had driven him to her daycare. A forensic pathologist testified in court that the child was likely dead within two hours, since the temperature inside the van on a hot day rose to about 130 degrees.

Near Pool Drowning Leads to Lawsuit Against Philadelphia

The family of a teenager who nearly drowned at a Philadelphia pool now has a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney taking action on their behalf. The Philadelphia Enquirer reports that the family is seeking more than $200,000 in damages from the City of Philadelphia, alleging that a city employee took payoffs from teens so that they could swim after hours without a lifeguard.

The legal complaint, which was filed on July 9 in Common Pleas Court, states that such payoffs are a "common practice throughout the city."

Woman Files Lawsuit Against Mt. Lebanon Police‎

A Pennsylvania woman is now suing the city of Mt. Lebanon after an incident in which she claims paramedics and police officers in the city failed to properly treat her while she was having an epileptic seizure.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 23-year-old Jessica Yochum had a seizure last February at a restaurant where she worked. Emergency medical workers arrived to treat her and were informed that she was having a seizure. But according to the complaint, the emergency medical workers did not act with proper care and did not let the seizure run its course.

Class Action Suit Against Comcast Settled for $16 Million

Comcast customers who have had trouble using some P2P file-sharing websites may become $16 richer with the finalized settlement of a class action suit against the cable company.

According to CED Magazine, the lawsuit claimed that Comcast promised and advertised specific speeds and unlimited Internet access. However, Comcast subscribers using certain peer-to-peer sites like Ares, BitTorrent, eDonkey, FastTrack or Gnutella claimed that they were unable to share files or that their Internet speeds were slower when sharing files.

Safety of Duck Boats Called into Question After Fatal Accident

The Ride the Ducks boat tour company indefinitely suspended tours nationwide after one of the company's amphibious boats caught on fire when hit by a barge and sank on the Delaware River in Philadelphia. The duck boats are known for easily transitioning between water and road, where dozens of tours are offered each day in several U.S cities.

There are many legal issues that Philadelphia personal injury lawyers are raising after an incident like this, which has resulted in two deaths and eight hospitalized victims. Associated Press reports that the safety of the duck boats, in particular, have been called into question because it's not exactly clear of when the Philadelphia duck boat was last inspected.

Antenna Problems With the iPhone 4 Lead to Class Action Suit

Apple Inc. is boasting that they sold 1.7 million new iPhone 4G devices in the first three days that the phone was on sale, but the company probably didn't expect to be targeted with lawsuits in the midst of all the popularity.

Reuters reports that a putative class action lawsuit was filed last week in the U.S. District court for the Northern District of California against Apple and AT&T over antenna problems with the newest iPhone model. With the iPhone 4, the antennas are built into the metal frame of the body and many consumers have complained this design leads to poor reception and dropped when the phone is held in a certain way.

Phillie Phanatic Gets Himself Into More Legal Trouble

Phillies fans love Phillie Phanatic, the fat and furry green creature that stands as the official mascot for the Philadelphia Phillies and the Reading Phillies minor league team. Yet one 75-year-old woman from Wernersville is furious with the mascot and has even filed a personal injury lawsuit against Phillie Phanatic.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Grace Crass hired a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney after the mascot allegedly climbed through the stands and onto her legs at a 2008 Reading Phillies game, which injured her knees. The woman claims that her arthritis, which had been asymptomatic, kicked into full gear just after the incident.

Cadmium Hazards Associated With Children's Charm Bracelets

If your child has received a happy charm bracelet or football ring at a doctor's office or dentist office, then he or she could be facing cadmium hazards after long-term exposure to the metal. The Wall Street Journal reports that the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a voluntary recall on June 30 of 66,200 charm bracelets and 2,200 rings that were made in China because of high levels of cadmium found in the toy jewelry.