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Near Pool Drowning Leads to Lawsuit Against Philadelphia

The family of a teenager who nearly drowned at a Philadelphia pool now has a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney taking action on their behalf. The Philadelphia Enquirer reports that the family is seeking more than $200,000 in damages from the City of Philadelphia, alleging that a city employee took payoffs from teens so that they could swim after hours without a lifeguard.

The legal complaint, which was filed on July 9 in Common Pleas Court, states that such payoffs are a "common practice throughout the city."

The lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia stems from an incident in which Khalik Miller, then 16, paid $2 to jump in the pool after hours at the Awbury Recreation Center in East Germantown The boy was able to swim, but there was still no lifeguard on duty nor any adult supervision. The suit claims that Khalik Miller dived into the shallow end of the pool and hit his head on the bottom of the pool. According to the suit, he was knocked unconscious and submerged for about two minutes.

When the employee returned to the pool while the boy was submerged underwater, the employee reportedly rendered no assistance and failed to call for medical help, as stated in the lawsuit. Two teenage girls were eventually able to pull Khalik Miller and give him cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The victim was hospitalized for four days, but did not suffer any long-term injuries. Yet the Pennsylvania personal injury attorney involved in this case says that Khalik Miller still "suffers nightmares about the incident."

Pool drownings or aquatic related injuries can be very frightening for the people who have been involved in the accident. Anybody who has a child who has suffered from a near pool drowning should certainly contact a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney to learn more information on filing a claim.

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