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Center City lawyer Jeffrey Abramowitz stole more than $1 million from his clients and his former law firm, according to allegations stemming from a federal grand jury, the Philadelphia Daily News reported. Authorities claim the Philadelphia personal injury attorney bilked clients out of civil settlements for nearly four years.

The 47-year-old attorney was arrested last Thursday, arraigned by a federal magistrate earlier this week and pleaded not guilty to five counts of mail fraud and two counts of wire fraud. Although his attorney declined to comment, he said his client was released on a $50,000 bond.

L. David Byers, a 19-year-old central Pennsylvania man, was killed on March 5 at a Lower Allen Township gas station when gasoline fumes ignited. His mother, Lisa Rickenbach, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against BP Oil Co., Toyota Motor Corp. and others, according to the Pennsylvania Patriot-News. 

Static electricity has been blamed for the spark that caused the fire. But Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer Stewart Eisenberg, one of the attorneys representing the mother of the deceased, said Toyota has failed to design its seats to minimize the risk of static electricity.

Man Sues After Rat Bite at Dollar Tree Store

When buying wrapping paper, many consumers will shop at the Dollar Tree store in order to get some of the cheapest prices. However, one man might be traumatized for life after reaching into a ribbon box at the store's Southwest Philadelphia location.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that 50-year-old Bernard King has filed a lawsuit against the store, claiming that a rat bit him and launched onto his finger when he was shopping for wrapping paper. The man reportedly had to shake the rat around in order to get it off of his finger.

The Ohio woman that filed a lawsuit against a Bridgewater plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh federal court officially ended the dispute last week, where Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys were finally able to come to a settlement.

The Beaver County Times reports that the details of the settlement were unavailable but that the plaintiff had been seeking in excess of $300,000 once she was informed that she allegedly received a different type of breast implants than the ones she had requested.

Honda Recalls Several Vehicle Models

As many as 428,000 models of the Honda Accord, Honda Civic and Honda Element were recalled on Monday due to a problem with the interlock lever of the vehicle's ignition switch. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the faulty ignition switch can make it possible to remove the ignition key when the shift lever is not in "park".

Hence, if the vehicle's transmission is not in "park" and the parking brake is not set, then the vehicle could end up rolling away and an unexpected crash can occur. This latest recall covers the 2003 Accords and Civics as well as the 2003-2004 Elements.

Families of Drowned Victims File Lawsuit After Duck Boat Accident

The Ride the Ducks boat tour was involved in an accident last month, where a barge hit one of the company's amphibious boats that was stalled on the Delaware River in Philadelphia. The accident resulted with eight people hospitalized and two others that died from drowning.

The Epoch Times reports that the families of the two victims that drowned have since filed a lawsuit against Ride The Ducks and the K-Sea Transportation, the company that owns the tugboat involved in the accident. The families have hired Holly Ostrov Ronai, a personal injury attorney from New York, and Philadelphia personal injury attorney Robert Mongeluzzi to take on this case.

Proposed Bill Would Provide More Safety Measures For Teen Drivers

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, 500 teenage drivers and 300 of their passengers have died in Pennsylvania since 2005. In addition, teen drivers have also killed 300 people on the road.

With statistics like this, many people across the state of Pennsylvania see a strong need to improve highway safety among teen drivers. That's why state lawmakers have proposed HB 67, which would limit teen drivers to just one nonfamily passenger younger than 18 in the car and add 15 hours of required driver training. Passage of the law would also not allow drivers with a learners' permit or junior driver's license to drive while using a cell phone or other interactive communications device.

Parent Sues Philadelphia School District After Racial Attack

The racial violence at South Philadelphia High School has certainly been a topic of discussion throughout the community, but a federal lawsuit filed by a Vietnamese parent at the school is now drawing even more attention to the issue.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that They Tieu is seeking more than $100,000 in damages through a federal lawsuit that was filed in court last week. The woman claims that she was at the school looking for her son in January 2009 and that she was attacked and beaten by two African American students. She reportedly suffered head and eye injuries at the school and claims that the school district "fostered a culture where Asian Americans were subjected to repeated, systemic terrorization at the hands of other students."