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Brittany Daly Settles Lawsuit After Doctor Puts in Wrong Breast Implants

The Ohio woman that filed a lawsuit against a Bridgewater plastic surgeon in Pittsburgh federal court officially ended the dispute last week, where Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys were finally able to come to a settlement.

The Beaver County Times reports that the details of the settlement were unavailable but that the plaintiff had been seeking in excess of $300,000 once she was informed that she allegedly received a different type of breast implants than the ones she had requested.

Brittany Daly reportedly got her breast implants in April 2008 from Dr. Beverly Carl, but her surgery turned into a nightmare when she got saline implants when she requested silicone implants. The switch between the two types of implants occurred in the middle of the surgery when Brittany Daly was under anesthesia. The doctor then realized that her office did not have any more silicone implants so she consulted the patient's fiance, who consented to the switch to the saline implants.

Dr. Beverly Carl later apologized about the surgery and refunded Brittany Daly her $1,050 that she paid for the operation.

When it comes to medical malpractice cases, Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys will have to prove that the medical professional was negligent in the surgery or treatment of the patient. In many situations, the failure to obtain a patient's informed consent for a procedure can be considered a form of medical negligence. More information about establishing medical negligence can be found through our Related Resources pages.

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