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Parent Sues Philadelphia School District After Racial Attack

The racial violence at South Philadelphia High School has certainly been a topic of discussion throughout the community, but a federal lawsuit filed by a Vietnamese parent at the school is now drawing even more attention to the issue.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that They Tieu is seeking more than $100,000 in damages through a federal lawsuit that was filed in court last week. The woman claims that she was at the school looking for her son in January 2009 and that she was attacked and beaten by two African American students. She reportedly suffered head and eye injuries at the school and claims that the school district "fostered a culture where Asian Americans were subjected to repeated, systemic terrorization at the hands of other students."

The lawsuit was filed by Pennsylvania personal injury attorney Harry Kane Jr. and names the school district and the former Principal LaGreta Brown as defendants, saying that neither took action to protect Asian students from being attacked by African American classmates.

The Pennsylvania personal injury attorney told the Philadelphia Inquirer that his client continues to suffer from blurred vision and headaches. He also states that They Tieu endured medical expenses and lost salary over the incident. Perhaps this lawsuit will shed light on the racial violence at South Philadelphia High School, but it may also teach community members of what legal action victims of an attack can take.

Personal injury cases that deal with assault are separate from the criminal prosecution, where a victim can pursue civil damages for injuries caused by an assault or battery attack. To learn more information on filing such a claim, contact a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney or see our Related Resource pages.

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