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Philly Police Under Investigation for Assault Of Suspect

Ordering food to-go ordinarily entails a test on your patience as you wait for your order. But for one West Philadelphia man, it resulted in an alleged police beating and violent arrest at around 8:30pm on Friday, September 3. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports 29-year-old Askia Sabur, along with his cousin and three other men, stood outside the Lucky Garden Chinese restaurant when two police officers asked them to clear the corner. Still waiting for his food, Sabur refused to move.

Now Askia Sabur, police, and several witnesses agree to what occurred up until this moment, yet what happened after that still remains in dispute.

Police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore said Sabur struck one of the officers to the ground. A video posted on YouTube revealed two and a half minutes of footage, beginning with an image of an officer falling on top of Askia Sabur. Four officers surround Sabur, and one hit him on the head and chest with a baton. Spectators are heard yelling "You're going to kill him," calling for the officers to stop. Not all the officers are clearly recognized nor the number of people involved because of the video's shaky and dimly lit recording.

The incident resulted in a broken arm and six staples to close the lacerations on the back of his head for Askia Sabur. He was also charged with simple assault, two counts of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and resisting arrest. Lt. Frank Vanore said Askia Sabur also tried to take an officer's gun and baton, charging him with robbery.Criminal defense attorney Evan Hughes, representing Sabur, derides the charges.

"It doesn't take a genius to figure out the police are backtracking, trying to justify what happened, and it's not going to work," said Hughes.

While this is a case involving criminal law, it is important to remember that there are other types of legal action an individual can take.

In this type of a situation, assault and battery can be possible causes of action in a personal injury case. Battery and assault are considered intentional torts. Intentional torts are personal injuries that are purposefully carried out from one person to another.

If you have specific questions about assault and battery, it may help to get in touch with a Philadelphia personal injury attorney.

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