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Teen Dies After Football Injury

A 15-year-old boy from Upper Darby High School died last week during a football practice session with the Greater 69th Street Wildcats, surprising many people in the Upper Darby community. CBS News reports that Quadaar White suffered from a neck injury when playing football with the team and later died after being transported to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

The Upper Darby Police Superintendent told CBS News that the injury was a "freak accident" and that the whole situation was a tragedy. However, a Philadelphia personal injury attorney might argue that there was negligence involved in the incident, which can be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

Specific details of the accident have not been released to the public, but Quadaar White reportedly sustained the injury after his head struck another player's knee. The boy was reportedly wearing a helmet and pads at the time of the injury, but when paramedics arrived to the scene the police department reported that the boy was not breathing and that he had no pulse.

Both amateur and professional athletes can be held civilly liable for the injuries they inflict on other athletes, even with contact sports like hockey and football. With recreational football teams, the sporting institutions or coaches can also be held liable for injuries or fatalities of athletes. More information on filing a claim after a sporting injury can be found by contacting a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer. In the case of a death, family members of the victim can contact a lawyer to learn about filing the claim.

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