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Denise King Files Injury Lawsuit Against PA Hospital

West Philadelphia jazz singer S. Denise King has filed an injury lawsuit in Common Pleas Court, claiming a jolt during an MRI exam prevents her from learning any new songs. According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the suit seeks in excess of $50,000 and says King's "ability to perform new music has been impaired to her professional detriment, embarrassment, and financial loss."

Denise King said she experienced "shocking sensations" while going through a magnetic resonance imaging procedure at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in November 2008.  The procedure was stopped around the beginning of the MRI when King felt "the sensation of strong electric shocks." She claims the experience left her with an inability to learn new music.

The famed jazz vocalist felt tingling and swelling in her arms and hands and had noticeable exit abrasions after the procedure. Denise King also experienced cognitive issues like short-term memory problems and retaining new information. King and her PA personal injury attorney Edward McCandless claim that the hospital employees who set up and operated the MRI equipment were negligent during her procedure. The complaint stated that patients undergoing an MRI evaluation do not typically experience a shock if the equipment for the MRI has been properly prepared.

Olivia Fermano, the HUP spokesperson, said the hospital refrains from making any statements pending cases. The hospital has yet to be served with the legal documents pertaining to Denise King's complaint.

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