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Fraudulent Slip And Fall Claims Are On The Rise In Philadelphia

The current state of the American economy has brought a rise in insurance fraud, and studies reveal that more people coming through Las Vegas and other cities such as Philadelphia have attempted to fake "slip-and-fall" accidents to obtain compensation from casinos, hotels, and other commercial properties. In fact, many slip and fall claims are filed against businesses.

According to a report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), such claims against businesses are now being carefully examined for potential fraud. Joe Wehrle, NICB president and chief executive officer said: "While many people have legitimate accidents in stores and businesses across the country, we've seen a growing number of cases that have some indication of potential fraud."

As a result, NICB is now working with retailers in order to raise awareness and to inform commercial business to look at each slip and fall claim carefully. The top five cities with questionable claims for slip and fall accidents are New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Chicago. While genuine slip and fall accidents do happen, fraudulent ones are clearly on the rise in these cities.

Other rising insurance hoaxes include staged accident frauds which are becoming common in places like Philadelphia. Some people may not even realize these fraudulent claims cause businesses to increases insurance rates on their customers. An experienced PA personal injury attorney can determine whether or not you have a genuine and potential injury claim and guide you through the legal process of handling cases involving accidents like slip-and-falls. Refer to the Related Resource links for general information.

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