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Veronica Santiago Killed In Hit and Run

Veronica Santiago was killed by a hit-and-run driver after buying Chinese takeout in North Philadelphia. According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the driver ran a red light, struck the 26-year-old, and left Santiago bleeding to death on the street. She was announced dead at Temple University Hospital four hours after the accident.

Santiago left to buy food at the nearby Chinese store when her cousin, Vanessa Velasquez, "heard a loud boom."  The hit-and-run driver slammed into Veronica Santiago, a mother of two, as she was crossing the intersection. Velasquez heard screaming and immediately rushed outside. She said the impact of the hit threw Santiago under another vehicle.

According to police, witnesses said the hit-and-run vehicle was a white or tan Ford F150 and headed east on Cumberland Street from 5th. The vehicle had tinted windows and damages on the passenger-side door. It is uncertain whether Santiago's family has considered filing for damages with a PA personal injury attorney.

Veronica Santiago's family wondered if the driver might have been intoxicated when he fled from the accident. Ironically, Santiago worked at a drug-and-alcohol addiction center as a receptionist. Accident Investigation District Sgt. Lawrence Ritchie said investigators have found no evidence indicating the hit-and-run driver would have been under the influence. Ritchie said, "Since we don't have [the driver], there's no way to know."

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