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Residents Argue Against Return Of Duck Boats In Schuylkill

Mayor Nutter and Ride the Ducks, the Georgia-based company who operates tours on duck boats, announced in October that the duck boats were expected to resume in Schuylkill instead of the Delaware River. Yet nearly 100 residents and members of the Schuylkill Park Alliance, an advocacy group, argued at a meeting Wednesday night for the duck boats not to return at all.

Issues surrounding the duck boats began after a boating accident where two Hungarian students were killed. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported many residents feared that the duck boats would upset the peaceful environment of Schuylkill Park, where many people have come to enjoy quiet recreational activities.

The duck tour, which was suspended after a duck boat crash in July, includes loud music and passengers "quacking" their kazoos. Schuylkill Resident Ginny Nelson said, "Who wants to listen to that when you're running... or reading a book?"

Managing Director Richard Negrin said the city sought proposals from Ride the Ducks and other companies to host the tours because the law calls for a competitive process. Yet "no decision had been made" as of now. City officials also wrote requests for the proposals to include a requirement for tour operators to minimize the noise during the boat ride, but that may have only proved the duck boats would have some noise.

If the duck boat tours resume in Schuylkill, residents may file a potential complaint for public nuisance against Ride the Ducks or the city for the noise from the boats. To learn more about public nuisance or filing an injury claim, seek legal counsel from an experienced PA personal injury lawyer or visit the Related Resources links for general information.

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