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Bills On Sports-Related Brain Injuries Are Reintroduced in PA

Pennsylvania State Senators Pat Browne and Tim Briggs reintroduced identical legislation that focuses on preventing brain-injured student athletes from returning to a game too soon. The bills also seek to better educate students, coaches, and parents about sports concussions, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"Even a ding or a bump on the head can be serious, and can result in long-term or lifelong disability," Briggs said.

Take Tracy Yatsko, 23. She was a student at Tamaqua Area High School in 2005 and knocked her head against another player during a basketball game. Yatsko felt nauseous, dizzy, and ached after the blow, showing clear signs of a concussion. However, she returned to practice the next day and continued playing until she collapsed in a locker room one day.

Tracy Yatsko's brain injury eventually caused her to quit playing sports, have difficulty completing her homework, drop out of college, and suffer painful migraines. She also struggles to read, use a computer, and hold a job.

Almost 3.8 million sports-related brain injuries take place a year, based reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Senator Tim Briggs states that at least 156,000 concussions occur from sports in Pennsylvania alone. Studies have revealed that almost 40 percent of athletes in high schools are put back into a game too soon after a concussion, including 16 percent of football players who returned playing on the same day they had been unconscious.

If you have suffered from a concussion or general brain injury after playing a sport or being involved in an accident in Philadelphia, find a PA personal injury lawyer who can evaluate your case and determine what legal remedies may be available to you. For general information, visit the Related Resources below.

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