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Leonel Trejo Trampled to Death by Bull at Rodeo

Leonel Trejo, an experienced bull rider, was trampled to death after falling from his bull during a rodeo at New Castle, Delaware. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Trejo was thrown from his bull after riding the bull for a minute and was stomped on the chest by the bull.

The Inquirer reports that police are currently investigating the incident to determine the exact cause of Leonel Trejo's death. The police have already stated that Trejo was not wearing any protective equipment at the time of the accident.

$10M Verdict Against Motrin Makers Over Toxic Side Effect

A teenager who suffered from a side effect after being given Children's Motrin as a three year old received a jury verdict awarding her $10 million dollars this week. A jury trial in a Philadelphia Common Pleas Court concluded by finding against Motrin maker McNeil Laboratories and parent company Johnson & Johnson, and in favor of now 13-year-old Brianna Maya, of Tennessee.

Maya was a toddler when she was given Motrin brand ibuprofen by her parents for a fever and cough, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. Motrin side effects began to appear including hives and a rash, but then Maya developed blisters in her mouth. The side effects developed into toxic epidermal necrolysis, a rare but known side effect of ibuprofen. This side effect occurs in about 1 to 5 of every million users.

Click it or Ticket: Stricter Enforcement of Seatbelt Laws Begins

Is there a way to completely avoid car accidents? Probably not. But there is a way to prevent or at least lessen injuries from accidents and starting this week, Philadelphia is going to hear more about it. Between May 23 and June 5 it is "Click it or Ticket" time in Philly and across the country.

Increased enforcement of seatbelt laws and free child seat checks will be a key part of Click it or Ticket, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. State troopers will be manning extra "regulatory checkpoints" which will require drivers to show license and registration. If you are stopped for another violation, an extra ticket will be added if you or your passengers are not wearing a seatbelt.

FDA Announces Avandia Recall on Glaxo's Diabetes Drug

As some Philadelphia locals may have heard, the Food and Drug Administration announced that the diabetes drug Avandia, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK), will be removed from U.S. pharmacy store shelves in November and only be available for purchase through a special program.

Bloomberg reported that the Avandia recall and the restrictions on the drug are part of plan established in September to limit the potential risks of the drug, especially after some data indicated patients who took Avandia had a higher possibility of suffering from a heart attack.

However, Glaxo spokesperson Mary Anne Rhyne also explained that patients, including those in Philadelphia, should not stop taking the diabetes drug without consulting their physician first.

Archbishop Ryan Student Timothy Connors Killed In Car Accident

Fifteen-year-old Timothy Connors, an Archbishop Ryan High School freshman, was killed after school in a fatal car accident this week. The Philadelphia Daily News reported the crash occurred at Comly and Academy roads in Northeast Philadelphia, and law enforcement officials said the woman behind the wheel had stayed at the scene after striking Connors.

Connors, who is the son of Philadelphia police detective Martin Connors, died 40 minutes later at the Aria Hospital-Torresdale after suffering from severe head and body trauma. Investigators reportedly interviewed over 24 people individuals who claimed they witnessed the car accident, but no charges have yet been filed against the driver.

Disney Settles Donald Duck Suit by April Magolon

Disney recently settled the Donald Duck suit filed by Upper Darby mother April Magolon against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, which claimed a Disney World employee in a Donald Duck costume groped her during a visit at the theme park three years ago.

The Philadelphia Daily News reported the suit was settled in Philadelphia federal court, but the settlement terms were not disclosed.

Magolon, 28, claimed she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, "acute anxiety," and nightmares after the Donald Duck character "molested her" during her March 2008 vacation at Disney World. She contended that the employee inside the costume "then made gestures making a joke indicating he had done something wrong."

State House Approves Two Bills Tackling Distracted Driving

The Pennsylvania House has recently approved two bills that add more restrictions on distracted drivers and young drivers, reported the Pittsburg Post-Gazette.

Rep. Katharine Watson of Bucks County, who sponsored the first legislation, said most teen deaths are a result of fatal car crashes. As some Philadelphia residents may have heard, the first bill limits the number of passengers allowed in the car with a junior driver, who is 16- or 17-years-old, and requires minor drivers to wear a seat belt or face potentially getting pulled over by a cop.

Phoenix Man Sues Rev. Robert Brennan In Recent Sexual Abuse Suit

A 32-year-old Phoenix man recently has filed a lawsuit against Reverend Robert L. Brennan, a former priest who was accused of sexually abusing more than 20 children at four parishes in Philadelphia. According to the Associated Press, the victim claimed he was abused during the early 1990s as an altar boy, and the experience has caused his life to fall apart.

The Phoenix man was allegedly abused at Philadelphia's Resurrection of our Lord Parish between 1993 and 1994, and his lawsuit states he would not have been abused if the archdiocese had taken more severe action against Brennan, 77.

Aaron's Inc. Sued For Invasion of Privacy by Store Computers

Some Philadelphia residents may have heard that Brian and Crystal Byrd, a couple from Wyoming, is currently suing Atlanta-based major furniture retail chain Aaron's Inc., claiming they were unaware that the company provided customers with computers that allow it to track keystrokes and even take webcam shots of those who rent and use them at home.

The lawsuit, which was filed in a Pennsylvania federal district court, contends that Brian, 26, and Crystal, 24, did not know that the computer they rented last year had a device that allowed Aaron's to spy on them. According to the Associated Press, Brian Byrd only realized they could be watched after a store manager in Casper arrived at their house in December to repossess the computer.

Patricia Maurer Comes Forward In Latest Hit And Run Case

Gilbertsville resident Patricia Maurer, 74, has recently stepped forward with regard to a fatal hit and run accident that killed pedestrian and Royersford local Kristy Bender, 26, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Police said the car crash occurred in Upper Providence Township nearly a week ago, but Maurer’s West Chester attorney, Joseph P. Green Jr., said his client did not realize that she had hit someone until she came home and saw the damage on her vehicle. He added that Maurer has relinquished her car to authorities and will cooperate with any police investigation.