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Sav Rocca Kicks It, Eagles Fan Injured, Lawsuit Filed

It happened on Flight Night. The Philadelphia Eagles were holding a light scrimmage at Lincoln Financial Field when Australian punter Sav Rocca kicked a ball into the stands. An Eagles fan was injured and that fan has now sued the team.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Debra Campana, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, attended the scrimmage with friends and family and had seats only three yards from the field. Rocca was on the field and was playing a game of catch with some fans in the stands. One fan deep within the stands asked Rocca to boot one into the crowd. Rocca complied.

The kick happened without incident. The ball went into the stands and a fan caught the ball. But when the unidentified fan attempted to throw the ball back onto the field, that's when the problems ensued, reports the Inquirer.

Instead of hitting Rocca's hands, or even the field, the ball went straight at Campana. In her lawsuit, Campana says that the ball broke her wrist and that she suffered permanent injuries.

Generally, when you attend a sporting event, the back of your ticket contains a waiver that says you acknowledge your participation at a dangerous event and that you are waiving your right to sue for any injuries that may result. However, this waiver usually only involves injuries that happen in the normal course of the game.

In Debra Campana's lawsuit, the Eagles fan is saying that Sav Rocca kicking the ball into the stands is not part of a normal practice or game, and so the Eagles should be liable for her injuries. As the event was a fan festival, and as fans expect some interaction with players, it will be interesting to see how a court determines the "normal" game experience.

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