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Greyhound Bus Accident near Lancaster Injures 14

A Greyhound bus accident just outside Lancaster resulted in the injuries to 14 passengers. The Pennsylvania bus accident occurred on a bus from New York City to St. Louis, reports the Associated Press.

The accident occurred shortly after the bus stopped in Philadelphia and was reportedly being driven by a Philadelphia bus driver, Kareem Edward Farmer.

Farmer lost control of the bus while traveling down the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the AP reports. Farmer apparently struck a concrete barrier and swerved across lanes before hitting an embankment and flipping over. 29 people were aboard the bus, and 14 were hospitalized. It has not been determined why Farmer lost control of the bus, but his father said that it was Farmer's first accident in the eight months he's been on the job.

This most recent Greyhound accident follows a spate of bus accidents that have occurred up and down the East Coast. Just last week, a King of Prussia resident sued Megabus for injuries suffered after a double-decker bus struck a bridge. And accidents involving discount "Chinatown" buses from Manhattan have been common place.

Buses are considered common carriers as they are in the business of carrying members of the public. As a common carrier, bus companies are required to take extra steps to ensure the safety of its passengers.

The circumstances of the Greyhound bus accident have not yet been revealed. However, if it is discovered that driver fatigue or faulty equipment contributed to the accident, Greyhound may be subject to a substantial personal injury lawsuit for injuries suffered in the Pennsylvania bus accident.

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