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Cop Sues Deli for Pubic Hair in Sandwich

A South Jersey cop sued the Good Foods to Go deli in Marlton, and former deli employee Ryan Burke, after finding body and pubic hair in his bagel sandwich. The cop is seeking unspecified damages in the contaminated food lawsuit.

Jeremy Merck, a 30-year-old cop, was eating a egg, turkey, and cheese sandwich at the deli when he noticed some hairs in it, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. Merck went to the hospital immediately and brought along the hairs for testing. The hair was tied to Burke.

How to Avoid a Halloween Lawsuit

Halloween can be a fun time for all. However, homeowners may want to take some precautions or they could find themselves subject to a Halloween lawsuit.

Generally, when you decorate your home and turn on all your lights on Halloween night, you are sending out an invitation to every child on the block to come stop by your house.

When this happens, this may turn every unruly child in your neighborhood to an "invitee" on your property. This is significant because then you can become liable for injuries to kids and adults on your property under the legal theory of premises liability.

Michael Kwasnik Sued for Fraud as Liberty State Benefits Counsel

Michael Kwasnik, a Philadelphia attorney and former candidate for the New Jersey General Assembly, has been sued for fraud.

In his role as general counsel for Liberty State Benefits, it's alleged that Kwasnik participated in transactions that drained the company of more than $1 million for the personal benefit of himself and other insiders, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Pennsylvania Exotic Animals Law to be Strengthened?

As you’ve probably heard, an Ohio man released his 56 exotic pets shortly before he turned a gun on himself. Ohio officials were given the difficult task of hunting and killing Bengal tigers, bears, lions, and other animals.

This incident will probably increase the chances of a proposed Pennsylvania exotic animals law that would ban almost all private ownership of these animals. The proposed bill passed a House committee last spring and is awaiting action in the full chamber, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Dangerous Schools in Philadelphia -- 12 Make List

A list of dangerous schools in Pennsylvania was released by state officials. Officials could have just called the list the "Dangerous Schools in Philadelphia" list as all of the schools mentioned are in the City of Brotherly Love.

Twelve "persistently dangerous" schools were listed. To land on the list, officials considered a school's enrollment and the amount of "violence" that occurred at the school, says The Philadelphia Inquirer. It was not reported what the exact criteria is to make the list or what activities counted as violent activities.

Crackdown on SEPTA Injury Fraud

Last year, SEPTA paid out $40 million in personal injury claims. Wanting to take advantage of the Philadelphia bus and train system, con artists have engaged in SEPTA injury fraud where they fake injuries in hopes of getting a piece of the pie.

Now SEPTA has joined forces with the District Attorney's office to stop these fraudulent claims.

Quadrangle Sunrise Senior Living Sued in Elder Abuse Lawsuit

Quadrangle Sunrise Senior Living finds itself in an elder abuse lawsuit, after a resident was allegedly caught on tape being abused by facility workers.

Mary French says that her 79-year-old mother complained to her that she was being abused by care workers. So, French placed a secret nanny cam in her mother's room, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. When French checked the tape, she says that she saw three Quadrangle employees assaulting and harassing her mother.

Bull Riding Death in New Jersey Rodeo

A professional bull rider was killed at a New Jersey rodeo in Hopewell Township. The bull riding death is the second death in recent months from area bull riding events.

On Sunday, Rigoberto Flores was riding a bull for the traveling rodeo when he was thrown off and trampled to death, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. The 24-year-old professional bull rider from New York was pronounced dead due to chest injuries.

Slip and Fall Lawsuit on the Capitol Floor?

The floor of the Capitol building in Harrisburg is so infamous that women bond over the treacherous navigation of the terra-cotta floor tiles.

Polished Moravian tiles blanket 16,000 square feet of the great rotunda of the 106-year-old Capitol building with each slippery tile roughly the size of a baseball card, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. Not only are the tiles slippery, but they're uneven too -- some protruding and others dipping.

Philadelphia Hit-and-Run; Woman Jumps Over Bridge

This Philadelphia hit-and-run ended with a woman jumping over a bridge to evade capture and having to be airlifted to safety and hospitalized with injuries.

An unidentified woman driver struck another car on Presidential Boulevard, reports the Philadelphia Daily News. Instead of stopping and taking the proper steps following an accident, like exchanging insurance information, the woman took off.

How to Find the Right Philadelphia Childcare Facility?

A 7-month-old baby was found dead in his crib at the Apple Blossom Learning Tree Day School in Philadelphia. Police are still investigating the tragic death, and it has not been determined if the facility is to blame.

However, as police look into the matter, parents should know some basic tips of how to find the right Philadelphia childcare facility to avoid potential accidents and injuries to your child.

Pennsylvania Bear Attack, Bear Attacks Man in Home

In these highly litigious days, as soon as someone is injured, that person will almost immediately look for someone to blame for his injuries. But sometimes, you can’t do that. Example: a Pennsylvania bear attack. In this case it looks like just a bear attack, with no legal liability.

In Perry County, a bear attacks man in home causing serious injuries, reports the Associated Press. Apparently, a black bear followed Richard Moyer’s dog into his home. The bear then attacked Moyer and his wife when she tried to intervene. The bear dragged the wife onto the home’s patio before Richard Moyer tried to defend her. The bear then tore at Moyer’s head and apparently ran off.