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Dangerous Schools in Philadelphia -- 12 Make List

A list of dangerous schools in Pennsylvania was released by state officials. Officials could have just called the list the "Dangerous Schools in Philadelphia" list as all of the schools mentioned are in the City of Brotherly Love.

Twelve "persistently dangerous" schools were listed. To land on the list, officials considered a school's enrollment and the amount of "violence" that occurred at the school, says The Philadelphia Inquirer. It was not reported what the exact criteria is to make the list or what activities counted as violent activities.

Regardless, the fact that all of the schools listed are in Philadelphia, is a bad sign for area parents and students. The listed schools are:

  • Universal Audenried Promise
  • Mastery Charter School at Gratz
  • Edison
  • Fels
  • Frankford
  • Kensington Business
  • Lincoln
  • Northeast
  • Sayre
  • South Philadelphia
  • Strawberry Mansion
  • Shaw Middle School

We've written before that schools can be held responsible for the violence that occurs on school grounds including assaults and cases of bullying. Schools have a basic duty to maintain a safe environment for students, and schools on a "persistently violent" list arguably have a duty to provide increased safety measures and security to ensure the safety of its students. That's because violence has occurred at the schools, and the school have been put on notice by state officials.

Parents should know that schools should take steps to protect their children, and that no child should feel unsafe at school. Instead of expecting violence at dangerous schools in Philadelphia, parents should expect increased safety and security measures.

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