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How to Avoid a Halloween Lawsuit

Halloween can be a fun time for all. However, homeowners may want to take some precautions or they could find themselves subject to a Halloween lawsuit.

Generally, when you decorate your home and turn on all your lights on Halloween night, you are sending out an invitation to every child on the block to come stop by your house.

When this happens, this may turn every unruly child in your neighborhood to an "invitee" on your property. This is significant because then you can become liable for injuries to kids and adults on your property under the legal theory of premises liability.

So, if a child slips on the steps to your door, falls on the sidewalk in front of your home, or gets bitten by your pet dog, you could be sued for personal injuries.

Generally, premises liability means that you have invited certain people onto your property, and so you should take certain steps to ensure their safety. This does not make you are an insurer for all possible injuries on your property, but this does not mean that you should remove known hazards from your property and take reasonable steps to make your property safe.

So when you turn on your Halloween lights, you are likely considered to have invited everyone onto your property. Before turning on those lights, you will want to make sure to sweep your walk-ways, fix those steps, and lock that pooch behind a fence and make sure light cords and other decor don't pose further hazards. Otherwise, you could find yourself on the scary side of a Halloween lawsuit.

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