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Jonesy Lawsuit: Fired Power 99 DJ Sued for Defamation

Tarsha Jones of Power 99's Jonesy in the Morning show called out Tracey Parson for beating up some teenage girls. As a result, Parson was soon receiving death threats and her Kiddie Kare business was quickly losing customers.

But Parson had nothing to do with a fight involving teen girls and she says that Jones never bothered to fact-check, Parson claims in her Jonsey lawsuit.

Mike McQueary Defamation? Key Witness Says Reports Not True

Mike McQueary, the graduate assistant who says that he saw Jerry Sandusky rape a boy in the Penn State showers in 2002, was roundly criticized by the media for not taking enough action to stop the abuse. However, McQueary is now basically saying that the reports are wrong, and that he did in fact stop the abuse.

Based on all the prior news reports, can we now expect a Mike McQueary defamation lawsuit against all those news outlets?

New Pennsylvania Child Abuse Reporting Law in the Works

Pennsylvania state lawmakers are rushing to have new Pennsylvania child abuse reporting laws ready for vote this week in the wake of the Penn State sex abuse scandal.

The new laws would fill many of the holes in existing law that apparently allowed the culture of abuse and ignorance to continue at the Penn State campus, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Do I Have a Duty to Report Child Abuse?

In the wake of the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal at Penn State, you may have heard of the failure of many people to report suspected child abuse.

As some people face criminal charges for not reporting, and others like Joe Paterno have seen their legacies destroyed, you may be wondering if you have a duty to report child abuse.

Here a a few basic questions about reporting child abuse:

How to Avoid Black Friday Accidents

Black Friday is probably the most important day for retailers as it's traditionally the busiest shopping day and kicks off the holiday shopping season. However, while retailers stand to make a ton of money on Black Friday, they also stand to lose a ton too, through Black Friday accidents and personal injury lawsuits.

In the past, shoppers have been injured by mobs stampeding into a store and in overcrowded stores carrying too little sale merchandise. As a result, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has developed several guidelines for avoiding Black Friday accidents.

Penn State Civil Liability for Jerry Sandusky

The Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal is horrible if true. There are a multitude of criminal charges that involve the former coach as well as senior officials at Penn State University.

Given the potential number of victims, the number of people at the university who allegedly failed to do their jobs, the criminal case could be complex and take months to fully resolve. However, the Penn State civil liability could be less complex. Ultimately, it may be a case about premises liability.

Could Penn State Be Sued for Jerry Sandusky Sex Abuse?

Anyone who has ever been to Happy Valley knows that there is very little to do there. Yet, on gamedays, about 100,000 people crowd Beaver Stadium to watch their beloved Nittany Lions. That's because Penn State University is all about football, and just about everyone from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh is a fan.

So, it makes sense that when something (or someone) threatens that tradition, university officials will try their hardest to minimize (or ignore) that problem.

And that may have been the case with Jerry Sandusky.

A SWAT team in search of fugitive Mark Geisenheyner stormed the Delaware County home of Gary Krobath breaking furniture and filling it up with tear gas before killing the career criminal in a shootout.

The police caused more than $67,000 worth of damage in the raid and promised to pay for the damage, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Criminal Case May Help Ride the Ducks Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Two Hungarian tourists were killed last year when a tugboat crashed into a Ride the Ducks duck boat that had stalled in the middle of the Delaware River. The parents of the victims sued both the tugboat operator and Ride the Ducks for wrongful death.

A judge’s recent ruling in the criminal case of Matthew Devlin, the pilot of the tugboat, will surely bolster the family’s Ride the Ducks wrongful death lawsuit.