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Jonesy Lawsuit: Fired Power 99 DJ Sued for Defamation

Tarsha Jones of Power 99's Jonesy in the Morning show called out Tracey Parson for beating up some teenage girls. As a result, Parson was soon receiving death threats and her Kiddie Kare business was quickly losing customers.

But Parson had nothing to do with a fight involving teen girls and she says that Jones never bothered to fact-check, Parson claims in her Jonsey lawsuit.

In October, some teen girls from North Philadelphia got into a fight with some girls from South Philadelphia, reports the Philadelphia Daily News. One of the mothers of a girl involved in the fight allegedly found a rival teen girl and jumped her. That woman was later apprehended by police.

Parson's daughter was also involved in the fight. However, Parsons did not have anything to do with the fight and was never a suspect by police in the jumping of the teen girl, reports the Daily News.

Nevertheless, when the fight came up on the Jonesy in the Morning show, callers identified "Tracey" as the parent involved in the fight and said that she was the owner of Kiddie Kare. In her lawsuit, Parson says that Jones did not to check the facts of the allegations while pouring more gas on the fire on-air. Parson even says that Jones rebuffed a caller who tried to correct the morning DJ.

If what Parson claims is true, she would have an open-and-shut defamation case. In a defamation claim, the plaintiff normally has to show that the defendant made a false statement and that the defendant carelessly “published” or in this case, broadcasted the false information. The plaintiff would also have to show damages.

In Parson's case, she claims that Jonsey ran with false information submitted by her callers. Jones was careless as she never bothered to fact-check and even rebuffed a caller who told her she got the wrong person. In addition, as Jones did all this live on-air, the false information was obviously broadcasted. Finally, as Parsons says that she received death threats and lost business, she would be able to show harm and recieve damages.

The Jonesy lawsuit eventually cost Tarsha Jones her job. If Tracey Parson wins her defamation suit, it may also cost Jones a lot of money.

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