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Mike McQueary Defamation? Key Witness Says Reports Not True

Mike McQueary, the graduate assistant who says that he saw Jerry Sandusky rape a boy in the Penn State showers in 2002, was roundly criticized by the media for not taking enough action to stop the abuse. However, McQueary is now basically saying that the reports are wrong, and that he did in fact stop the abuse.

Based on all the prior news reports, can we now expect a Mike McQueary defamation lawsuit against all those news outlets?

The public image of McQueary has gotten so bad that the current Penn State wide receivers coach had to be put on administrative leave due to harsh criticism for his actions (or inactions) after allegedly witnessing Sandusky rape a boy, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Based on news reports, McQueary was said to have simply walked out of the locker room after witnessing the abuse, reports the Inquirer. People wonder why the former quarterback didn't take more affirmative action like pummeling Sandusky and taking the boy to a hospital.

Now, McQueary is apparently trying to clear his name by emailing some people that he did stop the attack, though not physically, reports the Inquirer. In his email, McQueary claims to have had discussions with police and says that he did the right thing.

Unfortunately for McQueary, his email contradicts the grand jury report that makes no mention of talking to police, but instead only said that after making eye contact with both Sandusky and the boy, McQueary "left immediately, distraught."

If McQueary truly wants to clear his name, he may want to bring a defamation lawsuit against all the news outlets for painting him as a coward or at the very least, neglecting to act and protect a child.

Unfortuneatly for McQueary, truth is a defense to a defamation claim. As he told a grand jury that he left immediately, distraught, and made no mention of contacting police directly, it's unclear how successful a Mike McQueary defamation complaint would be.

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