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School Webcam Lawsuit: Lower Merion Settles Another Suit

In June, we wrote that Joshua Levin had sued the Lower Merion School District in a school webcam lawsuit.

As you may know, the school district got in trouble when it had activated webcams on student laptops without the students' consent. The district allegedly had captured several thousand images, though it claimed that it had only intended to view the images if the laptops were reported lost or stolen.

Jerry Sandusky to Pay Own Legal Bills?

If you were wondering how a retired assistant football coach was paying all his legal bills revolving around 50 criminal charges and multiple civil cases, the answer was that Jerry Sandusky wasn't.

Instead of paying out of pocket, the insurance company for Sandusky's Second Mile charity, Federal Insurance Co., was stuck with the Jerry Sandusky legal bill, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. But now the company is trying to get out of paying the bill.

FDA Warns of Shoulderflex Massager Dangers

The Shoulderflex Massager produced by King International provided such a deep tissue massage, that it managed to strangle a consumer to death. After the death, King International worked with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to voluntarily recall the device.

However, during a recent audit, the FDA discovered that King International was no longer in business and not complying with the terms of the recall. As a result, the FDA is now warning all consumers not to use the device, reports the Philadelphia Daily News.

New PA Teen Driver Laws Take Effect

We’ve all been there before. When you head out on the road for the first time, and experience a driving situation you’re not quite sure how to handle, then prayer becomes part of your defensive driving technique. Safe driving is not something anyone is born with, and learning how to drive often involves trial and error and the amount of time you spend on the road.

Recognizing the danger of new drivers, Pennsylvania lawmakers passed new teen driver laws going into effect this Saturday that hopes to take prayer out of the equation when it comes to safe teen driving.

Man Settles Medical Malpractice Lawsuit for Towels Left in Body

This story happened in New Philadelphia, but it could have easily happened in our old Philadelphia. A New Philadelphia, Ohio man won a $275,000 settlement in a medical malpractice lawsuit against the federal government for having towels left in body after surgery at a veterans hospital.

Robert Sanner, 47, had surgery at the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center in Cleveland to have a cancerous kidney removed, reports The Times-Reporter. But something didn’t feel right, and Sanner returned twice to the hospital complaining that he felt sick.

14-Year-Old Girl Tased By Allentown Officer Sues

The attorney for 14-year-old Keshana Wilson released a video showing the high school student being attacked by an Allentown police officer in the back of Dieruff High School. The police officer, Jason Ammary is shown using a Taser to shock the girl.

Wilson is now suing Ammary for damages though it’s unclear from the video just how the altercation started, reports WFMZ.

Make Sure You Don't Have a Christmas Tree Fire

What do deep fried turkeys and Christmas trees have in common? You put both these things into your homes for the holidays, and both can turn your homes into a blazing inferno within seconds.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said that injuries involving falls from ladders while stringing lights, cuts from broken glass ornaments, and other decorating activities related to the holidays are on the rise, reports the Associated Press. Perhaps the most dangerous thing of all may be a Christmas tree fire.

Paige Robbins Webcam Lawsuit a Money Grab?

Two years ago, a national flap ensued when the Lower Merion School District was sued by several students for invasion of privacy. Now, Paige Robbins, the sister of the original the student-plaintiff in the first webcam lawsuit, has filed her own lawsuit against the district.

Robbins claims that her school-issued computer caught compromising pictures of her and she is seeking monetary damages. The school claims the now 19-year-woman is simply engaged in a money grab.

Ashley Zauflik Awarded $14M for H.S. Bus Accident

A Bucks County jury awarded Ashley Zauflik $14 million in damages after the former Pennsbury High School student was run over by a bus in 2007. The young woman suffered severe injuries including the loss of her leg.

Despite the jury award, it’s not clear how much Zauflik will actually take home given state sovereign immunity rules that limit liability for school districts and municipalities, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Prempro Lawsuit: Pfizer to Pay $72.6 Million

A Philadelphia jury determined that Pfizer must pay three Philadelphia women $72.6 million due to taking the menopause drug Prempro which gave them breast cancer.

This is just one of thousands of Prempro cases for which the company has set aside $300 million to pay, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. However, given the past history of Prempro judgments, Pfizer could see the jury award greatly reduced or even thrown out.

Dozens in Hospital After Lehigh Rave

At least two dozen concertgoers were hospitalized after a massive rave party at Lehigh University. Police say that most of the injuries were due to ecstasy use.

The massive Lehigh rave mixed in music and dancing with aerial acts and fire shows along with paint doused over the audience, reports The Associated Press. About 4,200 people attended the party, a public concert that was apparently not affiliated with the school.

That may be a good thing for Lehigh University -- if it wants to avoid liability for the injuries.

Penn State Insurance to Cover Sandusky Mess?

Penn State University could face dozens of civil lawsuits related to the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal. As we wrote before, Sandusky allegedly raped and molested several boys at the Penn State campus. It's claimed that the university had knowledge of the abuse and yet took no steps to notify the authorities nor prevent Sandusky from coming onto campus.

Faced with massive liability, it'll be interesting to see if the university will actually even have to pay a cent. That's because institutions like universities usually have liability insurance to cover things like sexual misconduct claims, and the Penn State insurance companies may be the ones to actually have to pay.

Lawsuit Claims Sandusky Molested Him over 100 Times

A 29-year-old man only identified as "John Doe A" brought a civil lawsuit against Jerry Sandusky claiming that the disgraced former Penn State assistant coach molested him over 100 times in a five-year period from 1992 to 1996. The alleged victim says that the abuse first happened when he was ten years old.

In his lawsuit, the alleged victim sued Sandusky, his charity The Second Mile, as well as Penn State University, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. This is probably just the first of many Jerry Sandusky lawsuits.