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Jerry Sandusky to Pay Own Legal Bills?

If you were wondering how a retired assistant football coach was paying all his legal bills revolving around 50 criminal charges and multiple civil cases, the answer was that Jerry Sandusky wasn't.

Instead of paying out of pocket, the insurance company for Sandusky's Second Mile charity, Federal Insurance Co., was stuck with the Jerry Sandusky legal bill, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer. But now the company is trying to get out of paying the bill.

Like most organizations, Second Mile was covered by a business insurance policy. The details of the coverage were not specified, but typical policies cover accidents, injuries, and malfeasance of employees.

In the case of Jerry Sandusky, Federal Insurance was paying the legal bills for the ex-coach because Sandusky allegedly committed his criminal acts of molesting and sexually assaulting several minors through his work at the Second Mile, reports the Inquirer.

While the insurance policy does cover legal costs, Federal Insurance is now arguing that public policy dictates that it shouldn’t have to pay. First, the insurance company says that Sandusky’s acts were not committed in his capacity as an official at Second Mile. In addition, the company says that paying such costs “arising from sexual assault, molestation” or abuse is “repugnant to Pennsylvania public policy” and should be barred, reports the Inquirer.

Whether Federal Insurance will have to pay the Jerry Sandusky legal bill will probably be determined by how a court interprets the policy. Public policy considerations may factor into the court’s decision.

Jerry Sandusky faces a mountain of legal problems. Now he may have to pay for that mountain.

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