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Make Sure You Don't Have a Christmas Tree Fire

What do deep fried turkeys and Christmas trees have in common? You put both these things into your homes for the holidays, and both can turn your homes into a blazing inferno within seconds.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said that injuries involving falls from ladders while stringing lights, cuts from broken glass ornaments, and other decorating activities related to the holidays are on the rise, reports the Associated Press. Perhaps the most dangerous thing of all may be a Christmas tree fire.

Last year, about 13,000 people were treated in emergency rooms for injuries related to the holidays, which is the highest number it has been in years, reports the AP. And many of these injuries were related to fires that can occur when your Christmas tree suddenly erupts into flames when coming into contact with a fireplace, candle, electric socket, or malfunctioning lights. If you doubt the speed or severity of a tree fire, take a look at this video clip:

While we are not advising that families cut the tradition of putting Christmas trees into their homes, readers should know there are steps they can take to prevent their trees from ruining their holidays, as reported by the AP:

  • buy fresh green trees, water your trees, and make sure the needles do not come off the tree too easily
  • if buying an artificial tree, see if the tree has a "fire resistant" label
  • only place lights on your tree that have been tested for safety by a laboratory like UL
  • check lights to make sure they are not broken or cracked and that there are no frayed wires

Christmas tree fire is a real hazard for the holidays. Please keep the above tips in mind if you will have a tree in your home.

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