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New PA Teen Driver Laws Take Effect

We’ve all been there before. When you head out on the road for the first time, and experience a driving situation you’re not quite sure how to handle, then prayer becomes part of your defensive driving technique. Safe driving is not something anyone is born with, and learning how to drive often involves trial and error and the amount of time you spend on the road.

Recognizing the danger of new drivers, Pennsylvania lawmakers passed new teen driver laws going into effect this Saturday that hopes to take prayer out of the equation when it comes to safe teen driving.

As of 12:01 a.m. Saturday, 16- and 17-year-old drivers will face new restrictions including how many drivers they can transport and penalties for not wearing seatbelts, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

First, permit holders under 18 will need 65 hours of hands-on training, an increase of 15 hours over the previous requirement, reports the Inquirer. Ten of the additional hours must include driving at night and five hours must occur during poor weather conditions.

Next, drivers under 18 will also be restricted in the number of non-family passengers they may carry if no parent or guardian is present. For the first six months after getting a junior license, a teen driver can only carry one passenger. Then, until the driver turns 18, the driver can carry only three passengers.

Finally, the law requires both teen drivers and their teen passengers to buckle up. Teen drivers can get pulled over if they are not wearing their safety belts. Older drivers are generally only fined for a seat belt violation if pulled over for another reason, reports the Inquirer.

Pennsylvania passed new teen driver laws going into effect this weekend. It's hoped that these laws will help make PA roadways even safer.

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