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School Webcam Lawsuit: Lower Merion Settles Another Suit

In June, we wrote that Joshua Levin had sued the Lower Merion School District in a school webcam lawsuit.

As you may know, the school district got in trouble when it had activated webcams on student laptops without the students' consent. The district allegedly had captured several thousand images, though it claimed that it had only intended to view the images if the laptops were reported lost or stolen.

Nevertheless, when news broke that the district had collected these images, upset students sued the district. After paying out more than $1.6 million to litigate and settle claims, the district characterized the Levin lawsuit as a money grab. But instead of fighting the lawsuit in court, the district agreed to settle and pay out anyway, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The terms of the settlement were not released, but Levin's lawyer says that it is more than the $10,000 the district was offering to settle similar lawsuits, reports the Inquirer.

Even in settlement, the district continued its verbal attack on Levin, calling the complaint "driven purely by monetary interests" and an "attempted pillaging of Lower Merion taxpayers for hundreds of thousands of dollars," reports the Inquirer.

So why settle? Parties often settle for different reasons. Even if a defendant is innocent, it may be more expensive to prove innocence in court, as opposed to simply paying the plaintiff to go away. In addition, once a case goes to court, you never know how a jury is going to rule.

Lower Merion professes its innocence in the Joshua Levin school webcam lawsuit. Nevertheless, it paid the former student to go away anyway.

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