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Bally Total Fitness Lawsuit Over Rocky Transition to LA Fitness

Bally Total Fitness was one of the dominant gyms in the Philadelphia area for the past two decades. They offered attractive rates — including lifetime memberships — at their once new and glimmering gyms. But like all things, Bally’s run came to an end and they wound down, selling their facilities and memberships to LA Fitness, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

It had been assumed that members of Bally’s would be able to continue using their current gyms or new LA Fitness gyms nearby. However, several members found that they were steered to gyms in faraway New York, prompting the Bally Total Fitness lawsuit.

The Second Mile Sued for Donation Refunds

Lance Shaner donated $250,000 to The Second Mile charity, expecting his money to go to a good cause that benefited disadvantaged youths. Little did he know that his money was going to a charity founded by a man who allegedly raped and molested several young boys, reports Fox News.

Shaner is now demanding his money back in The Second Mile lawsuit.

Joe Paterno Dies, Penn State Negligent in Keeping Him So Long?

Joe Paterno dies. Given his obvious failing health, one must ask whether Penn State University was in any way culpable for the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal given its decision to keep Paterno in such an important position for so long -- even as the man aged before our eyes.

In the last decade, Paterno's age and failing health became very noticeable as he spent as much time in the coaching booth as he did on the sidelines. Yet Paterno was still given full control over the Penn State football program and was warmly embraced as the "benevolent dictator," reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Cherry Hill Dump Truck Accident Kills Driver in SUV

A dump truck filled with sand made an evasive maneuver to avoid a car that had pulled onto the road. The dump truck swerved and toppled over, landing on an SUV traveling next to the truck. The SUV filled with sand, and the unidentified driver of the SUV died in the Cherry Hill dump truck accident.

Police are still investigating the incident and it’s unclear who is responsible, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

NFL Concussion Lawsuit: More Former Eagles Join

As we wrote last week, over one hundred former NFL players joined together and sued the league for damages stemming from head injuries they allegedly received while playing pro football.

The NFL concussion lawsuit was perhaps the biggest single suit and added to the ever-growing list of lawsuits against the league. Now, just one week later, another lawsuit has been filed against the league, and this one includes even more former Philadelphia Eagles.

Philadelphia Archdiocese Delayed Reporting Child Porn for Years

In a criminal child sex abuse trial of four current and former priests, it was revealed that the Philadelphia Archdiocese delayed reporting six priests who were caught with child pornography to law enforcement officials for years.

If a civil Philadelphia Archdiocese sex abuse lawsuit is ever brought, this may be damning evidence that the archdiocese was negligent or careless in keeping children away from potential predators.

Paige Robbins Withdraws Lower Merion Webcam Lawsuit

Last month, we wrote about another Lower Merion webcam lawsuit, this time brought by Paige Robbins, the sister of the original student-plaintiff who kicked off the webcam lawsuits.

In a surprising turn, the now 20-year-old former student has withdrawn her lawsuit after reportedly having some differences with her attorney.

NFL Concussion Lawsuits to be Heard in Philadelphia?

The NFL has become the most popular sport in this country in large part due to the brutality of the game. As players get bigger and faster, the hits get more violent as well.

While the league capitalizes on the big hits, a group of retired football players in a string of NFL concussion lawsuits claim that the NFL intentionally misled them on the dangers of the game and as a result they now suffer life-long head and brain injuries, reports the Associated Press.

Rangers Flyers Fan Fight, Who's Responsible?

Philadelphia sports fans have the reputation of being some of the roughest sports fans in the nation. And that reputation was carried through last week in a brutal Rangers Flyers fan fight, with the New York Rangers fan taking the brunt of the punishment.

But just because someone lost the fight, this does not automatically mean they’re the good guy or innocent victim. However, that may be so in this case after the Philadelphia police revealed additional information on the fight.

Triple Hit and Run Kills Disabled Woman

So far, 2012 is turning out to be the year of the Philadelphia hit and run. Earlier this week, we wrote about a hit and run on New Year’s Eve where a party-goer struck another set of party goers in Folcroft sending a man to the hospital with serious injuries.

Now, in even more tragic news, we’re writing about a triple hit and run that killed a disabled women in a wheelchair. So what exactly is a triple hit and run?

New Year's Eve Hit-and-Run Suspect Caught

After a night out with friends on New Year’s Eve, John McManus was struck by a motorist and seriously injured as he helped a friend into his car. The driver who struck McManus never stopped, and McManus’ friends only caught the first two letters of the driver’s license plate.

But only a few days after the New Year’s Eve hit and run, police say they made an arrest of a suspect, 24-year-old Matthew Cooper, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.