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NFL Concussion Lawsuit: More Former Eagles Join

As we wrote last week, over one hundred former NFL players joined together and sued the league for damages stemming from head injuries they allegedly received while playing pro football.

The NFL concussion lawsuit was perhaps the biggest single suit and added to the ever-growing list of lawsuits against the league. Now, just one week later, another lawsuit has been filed against the league, and this one includes even more former Philadelphia Eagles.

The latest lawsuit is expected to be filed in a Philadelphia federal court this week, reports My Fox Philadelphia. Some of the former Eagles suing the league include Kevin Turner, Steve Everitt, Britt Hager, and Joe Panos.

Similar to the other NFL concussion lawsuits, this lawsuit claims that "the NFL actively deceived players, resulting in the players' belief that concussions did not present serious, life-altering risks," reports My Fox.

Another high-profile former Eagle, Jim McMahon, was among a group of players who filed the first class action lawsuit against the NFL this summer. In December, former Eagles running back Dorsey Levens brought another lawsuit.

Dealing with an ever growing number of lawsuits and plaintiffs, the NFL is seeking to consolidate all of the lawsuits into one case in Philadelphia.

To consolidate the cases, the NFL will generally have to show that all of the actions involve common questions of law or fact. As all of these cases involve former players who were injured in a relatively similar manner while playing the same game, the NFL probably shouldn't have too hard a time convincing a judge to combine the cases.

The most recent NFL concussion lawsuit involves several former Eagles. These lawsuits are quickly becoming Philadelphia-centric and by the end of the month, we should learn whether all of the cases will be consolidated here as well.

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