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NFL Concussion Lawsuits: Kevin Turner's Story

Former Philadelphia Eagles fullback Kevin Turner said he was once hit so hard in the head that he had no idea where he was. On the sidelines, he was told to remember five basic words. He couldn’t do it. By the second half he remembered, and was sent back in the game where he continued to take a beating.

Turner is just one among hundreds of former professional football players suing the league in the NFL concussion lawsuits. He now suffers from ALS and doctors say he only has a couple of years to live, reports CNN. Turner says incidents like the one above contributed to his fatal disease, and that the NFL knew about the dangers of sending people with head injuries back into the game.

The plaintiffs in the NFL concussion lawsuits say that the league deliberately withheld information deemed critical to player safety, reports CNN. Turner says that the NFL should have told him that he risked severe and permanent brain injury if he returned to the game. Instead, he was simply given the okay to play.

The lawsuits are basically about negligence. The NFL is accused of knowing the dangers of head injuries and hits to the head. Yet, the players say that the NFL encouraged big hits to the head to make ESPN highlights, and ignored long-term health effects by allowing players to play despite suffering concussions.

Kevin Turner’s story is just one of hundreds from former players who say their lives have been cut short by playing in the NFL. Because the most severe injuries often occur years after retirement, the players will have to prove that the injuries were sustained in their playing days in the NFL concussion lawsuits.

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