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Tainted Milk Ordered to Landfill Sold to Customers Instead

Authorities ordered that several truckloads of raw milk be destroyed, given that it was unsafe for human consumption. Stuck with truckloads of tainted milk, Landis Trucking decided to sell the milk at a severe discount instead, reports The Associated Press.

Lebanon Cheese Co. allegedly bought the tainted milk with cash and then made ricotta cheese, selling it to restaurants, delis, ravioli manufacturers and others. Instead of a landfill, the harmful milk product ended up on your dinner table.

The raw milk had been ordered condemned as it contained high levels of antibiotics which could be harmful to those who are allergic to antibiotics like penicillin, reports the AP. However, Landis Trucking sought to still make some money off the tainted milk and agreed to sell it at a steep discount to unscrupulous cheesemakers.

The trucking company is reportedly set to plead guilty to criminal charges.

So far there have been no injuries tied to the tainted cheese. However, if any plaintiffs step forward, Landis Trucking and Lebanon Cheese would be exposed to significant liability. Not only were the companies careless or negligent in putting harmful food products out to consumers, but they were likely reckless too. The companies knew that the milk was deemed harmful for human consumption and yet their greed still led them to place the product into the mouths of unsuspecting customers.

Lebanon Cheese and Landis Trucking put profits ahead of customer safety. The two companies now face criminal charges and could face civil liability as well.

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