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Escape Your 2013 Ford Escape with The Recall, It Might Go Pinto on You

Everyone knows about the Ford Pinto. Even people who were born long after the demise of the economical hatchback that had a propensity to burst into passenger-charring flames upon even the slightest of impacts, know its name.

Now, Ford is having trouble with fire again as some of its 2013 Ford Escape models with a 1.6 liter engine are prone to spontaneously catch fire, according to Reuters. Normally, recalls only say to return the car for repair, but Ford is telling owners to stop driving the vehicles immediately.

Why do automakers recall vehicles?

First, here is the full information about the Ford Escape recall. All 2013 Escape models with the 1.6 liter engine are to no longer be driven. Owners are told to call their dealerships to obtain a loaner car and have their vehicle towed back to the lot for repairs.

Also, this is not the recall for either the braking issue or the cruise control issue.

Generally, automotive recalls are a way that a car manufacturer can avoid mass products liability cases from a defective product. Products liability cases arise when a defective product harms someone due to an issue with the manufacture, design, or marketing of a product.

Here, it is clear that an engine fire could cause harm to the people driving. It is possible that there is a design issue with the type of feul line hose, or material of the line that delivers gas to the engine, based on the reporting from Reuters.

Since this would be caused by the manufacturer or designer of the car, i.e., Ford, then it would be liable for any harm caused by the defect.

Luckily for Ford, the Escape fire risk was noticed before more models were sold and anyone was injured. Be sure to get that recalled vehicle fixed, because no one wants to be on fire.

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