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Wegmans Soup Recalled, Unless You Like a Little Plastic in Your Diet

It seems like most of the recalls these days are because of Listeria outbreaks. There have been recalls of salads, cantaloupes, onions, and apple slices, all because of Listeria. But don't worry, this recall is because of bits of plastic.

Tiny bits of plastic have been found in soup sold by Wegmans supermarkets, according to NBC10. The manufacturer, Blount Fine Foods of Fall River, Massachusetts, is recalling 4,100 pounds of the soup marketed as Wegmans house brand soup.

The affected products are:

  • 16 ounce cups of Chicken and Dumpling Soup with a "use by" date of 8/24/12
  • 16 ounce cups of Gazpacho Soup with a "use by" date of 9/2/12
  • 16 ounce cups of Italian wedding Style Soup with Meatballs, Tomato Basil with Orzo, Caribbean Black bean, and Lobster Bisque, all with a "use by" date of 9/3/12

All products can be returned for a full refund. Call Wegmans for more information at 1-800-Wegmans (934-6267).

Product recalls, and food recalls specifically, are done to prevent large scale injury to the public and for a company to avoid product liability claims. This is because under product liability law the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer can all be found liable if someone is harmed by a product. Once liability is found for the harm, the companies would litigate to see which party was more at fault.

This type of lawsuit gives companies the incentive to have better checks on their products and gives the public more confidence in the products that they are purchasing. So even though Wegmans and Blount Fine Foods are losing money and some image with this recall, they are better off in the long run because they pulled the products before someone was hurt and took a larger chunk of change.

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