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6 Charged With Fraud For Faking SEPTA Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you’re going to file a personal injury lawsuit, there are some basic things you need to know.

We’re talking really basic.

For example, if you’re suing for injuries you sustained in a bus accident, you should at least have been on the bus. But six Philadelphia residents weren’t on the bus, when they sued SEPTA for injuries they sustained when the bus nicked a Loomis armored truck.

What's even worse was that their attorneys filed claims against SEPTA and Brinks armored car company.

Wait...Didn't their bus hit a Loomis armored vehicle? Even after the personal injury attorney learned he had filed a claim against the wrong company, he kept pushing the claim, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The accident was so minor. The mirror of the SEPTA bus clipped the mirror of a Loomis truck. The bus just had a tiny scratch. So, why were six people who were never on the bus injured so badly that they had $80,000 of medical bills?

The scam seemed fairly simple. When the bus crashed, Eric Lovett witnessed the crash, as he was walking on the street. He then enlisted a few passers-by to file claims, writes The Philadelphia Daily News. Simple enough.

Those "innocent bystanders" probably had no idea they were headed for an eventual arrest. They signed off on the incident and made small claims based on head and neck injuries. Who was going to check, after all? And besides, with the numerous claims that SEPTA receives annually, theirs was a drop in the bucket, right?


Unfortunately for those six, there were video cameras on the bus-- video cameras that confirmed that the six were never on the bus to begin with.

What's the first rule in a personal injury lawsuit? Have an actual injury that was caused as the proximate result of the accident. The second rule? Hire a competent personal injury lawyer; not one who sues the wrong company.

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