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Halloween Dangers Lurk in the Shadows: Liability Risks

Halloween is almost here, so it's a good time to discuss potential injury concerns at Halloween.

For one, Halloween costumes can be a major cause of injury. Halloween costumes can be made with very cheap fabric. These are costumes that are not made for daily use, so it should come as no surprise that sometimes, there isn't a great deal of attention paid to the safety of these outfits.

Often, the glitter you see on the costumes is sprayed on instead of sewed on. This spray-on glitter can be flammable. This is a huge problem if there are crowds with people smoking or lighting cigarettes, and potentially near jack-o-lanterns as well.

Of course, flammable Halloween costumes aren't the only concern when talking about Halloween costumes. Masks can pose potential dangers for children, especially small children. Masks pose a suffocation risk. They also pose visibility risks for children.

And then there's makeup. Children might be allergic to cheap Halloween makeup. This makes it important for parents to test the makeup in small amounts before a full makeup job is done on a child.

Let's also talk about premises liability. If you're handing out candy, make sure your place is free of potential dangers. While lighting a jack-o-lantern is customary, we mentioned flammability as a concern earlier in this post. Be careful about how close your jack-o-lantern is to where potential trick-or-treaters will be walking. You don't want to risk having a lit candle too close to a child with a flammable costume.

Keep your driveway clear. If your driveway is on an incline, make sure your parking brake is on. Better yet, moving your car to the side of the road or inside your garage might be more optimal.

Clear paths of any obstructions. You don't want to risk a trick-or-treater falling on an object on your driveway or lawn.

Finally, you might decide to put up Halloween decorations on your lawn. Think long and hard about potential dangers that could come from lawn decorations which could possibly topple or otherwise hurt children.

Halloween is fun but whenever masses of children are out on the streets, danger lurks in the shadows.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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