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Honda Recalls 600,000 Accords for Faulty Steering

Earlier this year, Honda recalled several cars from its luxury Acura line. Now, the automaker has announced a similar recall for some of its Accord models. According to The Associated Press, Honda is recalling 600,000 Accords.

The issue that's triggering the recall appears to be the same: The power steering fluid could leak and cause a fire. While there have been no reports of injury yet, the potential is nevertheless scary for Honda, as even one accident could lead to serious legal consequences for the company.

Honda's current recall involves a defect in a hose. The defect can cause the leakage of fluid and as a result, Accord owners are being asked to look out for signs of a leak, which include the odor of leaked fluid. In the case of injury stemming from the defect, Honda could find itself facing a product liability lawsuit for a manufacturing defect.

Under a strict liability theory, Honda could find itself fending off some harsh product liability lawsuits if there are any injuries.

Such liability would be triggered if the defect were unreasonably dangerous. To win a potential suit, a customer would also have to show the vehicle was being used as it was meant to be used, and that the vehicle had not been substantially changed from its original condition.

Unfortunately for Honda and for Honda Accord owners, there is a delay in ordering the parts and the new hoses won't be in until early next year, the AP reports.

The affected models have been sold throughout the United States and Canada. The recall affects only 2003 to 2007 Honda Accords with V-6 engines. If you're the owner of a recalled Accord, it may be wise to take the car in for an inspection, especially if you smell a funny odor coming from the car.

For more information on Honda's recent recall and interim repairs, check out Honda's Automobile Recall Information page.

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