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New England Family Sues Trader Joe's for Peanut Butter Salmonella

Peanut butter recall lawsuits are starting!

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has issued an alert, warning citizens to steer clear of Trader Joe's Valencia Creamy Salted Peanut Butter made with sea salt.

Mouth watering?

It shouldn't. The peanut butter might be tainted with salmonella. We brought you this story several weeks ago, but now the lawsuits are starting.

A Boston area family filed a lawsuit against Trader Joe's, after their preschool-age son got salmonella, reports Patch.

Last week, the Center for Disease Control warned the nation about the salmonella outbreak and the tainted peanut butter distributed by Sunland Inc.

This peanut butter is sold across the nation, in major retail chains including Target, Walmart and Whole Foods.

You might know of some of these products better under the labels of Earth Balance and Archer Farms.

But the Trader Joe's lawsuit is the one making headlines.

The Massachusetts boy got food poisoning in the summer. The poor tyke complained of a stomach ache and had a fever of 104 degrees, reports CBS News.

So, his parents sued, if only to make a statement, they told CBS News.

After all, how much could they really get from Trader Joe's, when their son didn't suffer any permanent injury?

Peanut butter lawsuits aren't new.

And in the past, they've cost peanut butter manufacturers mucho dinero.

In 2010, a judge approved a $12 million settlement against the Peanut Corporation of America, when nine people died after a salmonella outbreak. Seven hundred others were infected with salmonella.

The damages award was based heavily on the fact that PCA executives weren't in the dark about the salmonella in their products.

Yet, they put their product out there into the stream of commerce.

As for the current salmonella-in-peanut-butter scare, there have been no reported deaths.

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